Kasese is not known for being a tourist destination but we have still a wide range of different activities to do while staying in town. From our guesthouse, Blue Agama, you can walk to most attractions in central Kasese. Our local guides can take you around or we can help with arranging different activities by yourself.

Walk around Kasese Town

A guided tour around town, where you get to explore local markets, schools, and religious buildings. The tour can be tailored to meet your interests.

Kasese tour (organic farming and hot spring)

The Kasese tour will take you around in, and nearby, Kasese town. Visit a local farm located in the Rwenzori mountains, with beautiful views of the lowlands and Lake George. You will learn about the farming routines, and even try to do some simple activities yourself. In town, you will visit a school and other places of interest. By the end of the day you will get some time to rest in the hot springs, or in the river from the Rwenzori glaciers.  

Free activities to do in Kasese town:

  • Nature walks to one of the hills surrounding Kasese Town. This is a good opportunity to have great views of the town or do bird watching.

  • Visiting the local markets (the big market is every Monday and Thursday).

  • Visiting the hot springs, both the public and the private ones, and try out the natural and healing spa of Rwenzori.

  • Visiting schools, both in town and the rural areas.

  • Vising both commercial and local farms in rural and urban areas, including beekeeping.

  • Visiting different levels of homesteads.

  • Visiting different worship centres.

Other places worth a visit while in Kasese (by yourself):

  • Friend Corner - Here you can enjoy maybe the best chicken in the area (or the whole world), as well as it is a nice place for having a cold beer outside or simply hang out with your friends at the corner.

  • Jambo Cafe - A charming little cafe with a variety of nice, small dishes and desserts, as well as fresh juice, coffee and tea. And the women working there are just lovely.

We also recommend visitors to go and try out different local restaurants and cafes, who knows, maybe you will discover the next secret pearl.

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