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The Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the mountains of the moon, are perfect for Hikers who want a challenging ride "off the beaten track". The Mountains have some of the highest peaks in Africa, and amazing diversity in landscapes, flora and fauna.

We offer everything from a few hours in the Community areas, to treks in the National Park. 

The Hikes will start at our Campsite in the Mbunga Community, at altitude 1700m. Transportation can be arranged from Kasese (car or boda-boda).


Guided Community Walk


Visit traditional homes of the Bakonzo tribe and enjoy stunning views of the valley, Visit the local school, church and the trading centre. Learn about the Bakonzo culture and learn some words in our local language Lukonzo,

This tour is a 1/2 day activity. 


Half day Waterfall Hike


Our waterfall hike will take you through community areas, over a ridge with stunning view, all the way to the point where waterfalls with glacier water from mt. Stanley is flowing out of the national park. Tracking the infamous three horned chameleons of the Rwenzories is included!


15 $ pp with discount if more than 2

Hike inside the Rwenzori National Park

A trail in the Rwenzori National Park has been developed by the RWATS team. It is recommended to have a night at the Mbunga village first or in the campsite set up just at the entrance of the National Park. National park fees are not included. 

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