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Dear friends and well-wishers,


Rwenzori Action for Tourism Sercices (RWATS) is a Community Based Tourism Company, Operating in the Rwenzori region and other parts of Uganda. We are a growing Organization working with both Rural and Urban Communities. We Aim to create a Network with other Development Partners in order to promote Environmental Protection, Cultural Tourism, Agro-Tourism. This includes, among others, Mountain Trekking and Hiking within in the Rwenzori Mountains, as well as Educational Tourism for Fieldwork and Research Studies.


Our Goal is to Provide Tourism Services that are uniting Human Activities with Nature conservation, as well as supporting the living Culture of people in the Rwenzori Mountains. This means that we aim to promote Sustainable Tour and Travel Services within especially East-Africa in order to benefit both local Communities and Tourists at large.


We would also love to cooperate and share Development ideas with Organizations and Individuals who are willing to work with us or give their support to Our Projects.

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