We have several projects to empower the local population of the Rwenzori mountains.

Skill development group

Our skill development program offers local people who have dropped out of school a new chance in life. The 2018 group consisted of 35 young locals, eager to learn new skills that can help them provide income in the tourism and hospitality sector. Some of them have been offered positions within RWATS once their training was over. Others have acquired a new set of skills (cooking, customer service, housekeeping and guiding to name a few) that can help them secure a job in the future. 

We are aiming to offer a wider range of subjects in the future: if you want to help disadvantaged people in a marginalized community, we are interested in volunteers with any kind of skills such as teaching english, effective and sustainable farming, health care, or something completely different.


Read more about volunteering here.


Handcrafting takes place among a women's  group (which includes men too!) in the Mbunga Community in the Rwenzori Mountains: they create different types of handcraft, both with local materials and techniques, as well as more modern and recycled ones. We aim to give these women a way to earn money that can be used for school fees, health care, improving houses, and other needs and services. We also hope to reach out to different markets in Uganda or set up a handcraft shop where our visitors can buy baskets, bags, jewelry etc.  Profits will be given to the women's group and a small percentage will be used to buy new materials and keep the project going.

For those interested in buying, the products are now available at our office in Kasese town or at the Mbunga Cultural Heritage Camp Site in the mountains. You can also give us a call or an email if you would like to know more about our handcraft project.

Bee keeping

A new apiary was built in the Mbunga campsite as an additional way to provide income to community members. There are now over 20 beehives but additional material (such as gowns, gum boots, smokers, hand gloves) is still needed. If you want to contribute and help us develop this project please contact us.