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1. Chicken Friday! Friends Corner might be the place were you can find the best chicken in Kasese (or Uganda), and the perfect place to bring your friends for chicken and chips and maybe some beers, whether it's Friday or any other day of the week.

2. Visit the hotsprings. Did you know you could find hotsprings in Uganda? There is actually many, and some are in Kasese. What is better than a spa created by nature itself? The place is also nice for just chilling, playing vollyball, see the river or enjoying a beer.

3. Hiking in the nearby hills. Surrounded by many hills, Kasese is a good starting point for having shorter hikes where you can view the city and the Rwenzori area. It's recommended to go early in the morning, before it gets too hot, and the length of the trip is of course up to you.

4. Jambo! - A really nice, little café in town where you can order everything from vegetable fajita to brownies and and different coffees. A perfect place to have your breakfast or lunch, and the women working there are just lovely.

5. Every Monday and Thirsday there is a big market in town a bit outside the city centre, but still with walking distance. Here you can experience the real ugandan market, where you can find all sorts of fresh vegetables and fruits!

6. Dress yourself in tailor made clothes! If you are visiting Uganda you also have to dress like an Ugandan. Choose a fabric of your choice and create the most stunning dress or outfit, tailor made just for you. And I can promise that you will recieve a lot of compliments!

7. If you are a coffee lover, Olimaco Café may be the perfect place for you. Enjoy your morning hours with freshly brewed coffee in town. They also serve ice cream and a variety of different dishes.

8. Nightlife. If you are looking for some fun in the evening hours, Mariana and Sizzlers are some of the nigtspots you can find within Kasese. But be ready for a lot of dance, music and fun! You may also get the opportunity to become a master in pool.

9. Kasese can sometimes be very hot, so what is better than cooling down a the pool at Spring Hotel. You can also enjoy a great view and delicious Indian food from this place.

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