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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

New Year 2022 Mountain Campfire. This wonderful and unique event is organized by the leadership of Rwenzori Action for Tourism Services (RWATS)

Objective: To promote community tourism as we celebrate the beginning of the new year 2022 through leisure and heritage services.

The event will be enjoyed for two nights and three days from the evening of Friday 31st December 2021 to Sunday 2nd Jan 2022 in the Rwenzori Mountains, Kasese District at Mbunga Community Tourist Campsite. The event is being organized in a touristic manner with leisure and Mountains heritage Services. A target number of not more than 50 people/participants who will fully enjoy the event activities & services ranging from

1- Night CampFire

2- Accommodation

3- Meals

4- Drinks

5- Nyama choma (Goat Roasting)

6- Seed to cup coffee Experience

7- 4kms Guided Community walk

8- Bakonzo Traditional Dance (Entertainment)

9-Herbal Steaming & Massage

10-Meditation (With special booking)

And many others

Campfire will include goat & chicken roasting, Useful story telling, information about the Rwenzori mountain herbs & enjoying the mountain coffee...

Accommodation will be in Traditional african bandas and Tents catering for youth, family & children

Meals will include Local and International foods, traditional foods like ebinyangwa, omuthene, esombe, ebwanga....

Drinks will include Tonto, juice, water, beers, Soda... And any other drink of choice by booking.

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